Balms Abogados


An extensive and complete organisational structure, choosing the most qualified specialists in the sector, along with the ongoing training of all its professionals, allows all members to concentrate their experience and provide the most suitable legal solutions in line with each specific case.
picture group Law (Balms Abogados)
  • Mercantile and Insolvency Law
  • Town Planning Law
  • Fiscal Law
  • Labour Law
  • Criminal Law
  • International Law
picture group Fiscal and accountancy consultancy for individuals and companies (Fers)
  • Fiscal and accountancy consultancy for companies
  • Representation of foreign entities in Spain
  • Tax returns for individuals and companies
  • Company taxes and VAT
  • Withholding tax models
  • Income and wealth tax returns for individuals and companies
picture group Business administration (Admin Iuris)
  • Completion of payments
  • Upkeep of lease agreements
  • Payment of local and state taxes, fees, insurance
  • Other payments
picture group Labour relations and social-labour audits (Labor Iuris)
  • Collective agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Crisis procedure
  • Dismissals
  • Social Security obligations
  • General business and labour consultancy (payroll, contracts...)
picture group Processing of documents before public and private bodies (Tramiuris)
  • Property Register
  • Mercantile Register
  • Civil Register
  • Hiring of supplies
  • Application for Foreign National Document and residency in Spain
  • Town Council
  • Traffic Department
  • Publications
Data protection (Balms data protection)
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