Balms group Over 20 years ago Balms Abogados set out in the complex and sophisticated world of Law, with the experience of its specialist partners and professionals in all spheres of Public and Private Law providing excellent foundations for the setting up of offices in Marbella, Madrid and Vigo. The success of this initial expansion led to the creation of a further 9 offices in Bucharest, Budapest, Burgas, Luxembourg, Marrakesh, Sofia and Tangiers, all with the same vocation: "To offer an integrated service in line with the specific needs of each client, based on excellence and professionalism".
Balms group

B.G.I. (Balms Group International)

Given our eagerness to overcome frontiers, multilingualism is an essential part of the service of Balms Abogados, to which end our members fully understand different cultures and business models.
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